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Can an Entity be squished in bed and not care?
Click Here

demon entity in bed

Ghost Witch is
now in our Gallery.
Check it out!
Click Here

Believed to be a
True Ghost Orb caught on camera... very rare!
Click Here

true ghost orb spirit

Staring at us through the mirror at Poor Richards Inn
Click Here

ghost head mirror

Can spirits be
summoned through
 cigarette smoke?
Click Here

face in smoke

What do you think? Swamp man? Ghost? Or an illusion? Click Here

Fun techniques to protect yourself from monster's ghouls, devils and an array of other creepy entities this Halloween season!

Happy Halloween!

You know you're a
Ghost Hunter if...
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ghost hunter

Dead fish doesn't give up
without a fight! From our "Fun Ghost Section!" :)
Click Here

Just being goofy and the ghost in the next car doing the same Click Here

Two Ghost Investigators reenact a ghost attack that gave them the scare of their life! And it all happened in Bachelors Grove Cemetery! Click Here

ghost investigators have scare of their life
Be sure to click on the video on that page

Over 100 bodies found in 5000 Year Old House!  Don't miss it! Click Here

Maybe even a ghost in the crowd

The Photo Developing manager asked me if I was a religious person. I told her I was a Catholic, and she suggested I call a priest! Click Here

You won't believe the amount of work that goes into producing this single photograph.
Click Here

Joshua Hoffine art photography devil girl

A little girl died at sea in the late 1700's. Her body was preserved in a Rum Keg. And today, her death is remembered in a very special way. Click here

ked Ghost Mooning the person who was taking the picture! Click here

his is one scary face! But is it really a ghost? See the unaltered photo  to see what we're seeing! Click here

This is No Ordinary TV Ghost on film! Click Here

ghost spirit in TV screen haunted

Colorful Ghost captured on Queen Mary and a Second Naked Ghost as well! Click Here

Car Graveyard in Belgium that looks like a scene from 'The Walking Dead'
Do you see a Ghost in the 8th photo?! Click Here


Just published in our YouTube Gallery! Dead Man in the Mirror! Click



.Our latest YouTube video just published for Halloween day! Click here

Quick but powerful - Less than 2 minutes long


The dangers of using a Ouija Board. Please read this before giving in to it!
 Click here

Some of the Creepiest Dolls in the World are For Sale on eBay! Click Here

Our latest YouTube Video is now up! Glorified Spirit appears in the home where she died in the1800's. Click Here 2 minute clip.

Angel Figurine with Hidden Creatures inside! Back by popular demand... Click Here

PlayMobil Haunted Victorian-Gothic Mansion! It's loaded! (Back by popular demand.) Sold $729.00. Click here

Grandma yelled, get that Ghost Picture out of my house! View it here on our 2 min. video! Click here



See Beth Anne, the Haunted Doll on our 2 minute YouTube Video! Click
haunted Floida doll


Ghost Drops From Ceiling as the picture is taken. And it happens in the new house they just bought! Click here

ghost body drops from ceiling of new house!

.Chandelier Projects Spooky Tree Shadows. The cost is $4100. Click here


What's this? Hidden face in the Columbia Pictures Intro? Click here
Ghost in Columbia Pictures Intro

Ghostly figure caught in cemetery. The question now is, where did it go? Click here for the story & video!

ghost in cemetery

Do you believe in Fairies? Well, you may after this! Read more

true fairy discovery

Here's Annabelle from the movie "The Conjuring!" Being sold on eBay as a replica for $1500!  *Click*

the conjuring annabelle horror haunted

Slenderman makes Grand entrance into our World! See the video here!  Click Here

Slenderman slender man scary ghost


.David Copperfield acts as the Medium between our world and the next; showing the powers of Ghosts and Spirits. *click here* (Fun!)

Nine minute video with a ghostly encounter!


Can a particular camera in the Holy Land, under special circumstances, capture a picture of Jesus when he was alive?  *click here*
. ..


It shows up in broad daylight! What's the reason for it? Can it be explained??
ghost spirit in door simulacra
Click here


Tammy, a cancer patient, sees image of Jesus in her MRI scan. It brings her great hope & comfort.
Click here to see video


Goo-Man appears in old photograph! And we could use your help in analyzing this strange capture!
Goo-Man appears in old photograph, ghost, spirit?
Click here to view photo


Some say it's an amazing ghostly capture, and others say, it's simply too good to be true! What say ye?
Click here to see for yourself

.See the discussion on our Forums!



My encounters with George Lutz of the Amityville Horror
Click here for the story

amityville horror house george lutz
Jim of GhostStudy shares his experiences

I'm Werner And I Can See, Hear And Feel Dead People! Werner is answering questions and sharing his experiences in our forums. Join in! Click here

see hear and feel dead people ghost spirit 

Currently on our Forums...What's the difference between a Ghost and a Poltergeist Click here

ghost on the stairs
It's being discussed in our Forums

Ghost Trapped in a Bottle!
At least that's what they're
saying about this bottle on EBay. An
8 day auction and you may still
have time to bid!  :)

haunted bottle sold on ebay
Vapor enhanced - source: ebay.com

Who/what is "Slender Man" and
why was this photo of him posted on our Message Forums? Find out what's really going on!

slenderman slender man scary kids ghost
See our page. then see what the members are
saying on the GhostStudy Forums. Click here


Christopher Quaratino (Lutz)
speaks out about his Step Dad, George Lutz and what really
opened the doors to evil in the famous Amityville Horror
christopher amityville horror house george lutz

It haunted her in bed.
So she took her camera phone
to bed with her and caught this
on film!



Look what's in our Gallery!

Taken in the waters of Pearl Harbor
Click here to see enlargement and Video

Could Nicolas Cage be a Vampire?

Screaming Ghost 

It's not the footage, but the audio that will
have you cringing. Let us know what you think
in the YouTube comments. Explainable??


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the best of ghosts caught on film Jim Eaton

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How to Record Ghost Voices (EVP)!
How to capture EVP's in a courteous & professional manner.

TV ghosts & other theories
David shares is theories on TV ghosts, shadow ghosts, etc.

When the dead attack you in your sleep ( sleep paralysis )
Have you ever woke up and found yourself pinned down?

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shadow figure in window
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Flaming Skull

City of Blair Witch

 Spirit in Tree

Schoolhouse Ghost
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