Famous Car Accident Ghost / Spirit


We can now prove that the negative associated with this photo does indeed contain the spirit image and we have more of the story to share including additional pictures from the accident scene... and more!

car accident ghost sharon boo
This is the original photo that became famous on the Internet

car accident ghost negative spirit
This is the negative that Sharon Boo sent to me for confirmation
And that's my fingers holding it up to the lamp in my office  :)


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Here's the Story
Written by: Jim Eaton

When I first viewed this photo back in 1999, I was sure the driver had died and was now standing beside the car as a ghost. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was completely wrong. The driver, Rose Benvenuto had swerved to avoid hitting a dog and wrecked her car. According to the report, she was taken to the hospital but later released with only an arm injury.
The photographer, Sharon Boo, from the
Pawling Fire Department, in New York State, took several pictures. Photos were taken from all angles as a service that Sharon provided for the fire department. However, only one picture happened to capture this strange figure. The image is in human form and size and appears to have wings. It's reported that Rose felt confident that the image in the picture was that of an angel. Or more to the point, a protective spirit that spared Rose from serious if not fatal consequences. The car was totaled and anyone seeing the wreckage would assume the worst.
On a side note, I (Jim Eaton) thought it was a strange coincidence that the photographers name happened to be 'Boo'. So I did some research and found Sharon Boo, and sure enough, that really is her name! We conversed on the phone and she assured me that this was a true event and that the photograph and negative do exist. She also agreed to send me the negatives for examination, which I received. I had copies made  from the negatives and sure enough, the image is on the negative and did show up in the developed photos! I actually had Wal-Mart develop the photos from the negatives and they did it within one hour.
When I came back to pick up the photos and negatives, It was like a circus side-show. The Technician pulled out the picture in front of the crowd and exclaimed, yes, this is truly an authentic spirit capture. Well, that did it, by then everyone there wanted a close look at the developed picture. The photo technician once again assured the 
onlookers that it was a spirit because she had personally developed the photo and she was quick to state her credentials. The crowd then looked to me for my interpretation and I simply stated my thoughts as this... I hadn't ruled out all possibilities but it did indeed look to be an unmistakable image of what could be considered a spirit standing just to the right front side of the wrecked car. I then left the store and made sure I was not followed.

Side note
When Sharon Boo originally submitted her roll of film (negatives) to a photo technician for developing, she never intended them to end up on the web. She suspects the developer kept a copy of the picture and thus distributed the photo on the web with the story Sharon had shared with him. And I Jim of Ghoststudy, suspect that the photo technician at Wal-Mart, where I went, might have done the same thing.

Here are Additional Photos from the Accident Scene





This is where they strapped Rose to a board incase of a neck injury...but she was fine

Even though we can't completely rule out such things as glare and reflective lighting, we think this is a remarkable capture of what appears to be a protective spirit. A possible guardian who was there that night to protect Rose from possibly fatal injuries.