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Answers from the great beyond!
Here are answers from those who claim to be ghosts & ghost representatives

Medium's response to our questions
I am using my great great grand daughter's email.
we can not see the future I do not know as I am a spirit and I see my fellow ghosts.
we do not wish to kill or hurt, a ghost such as myself hasn't tried. I do not understand, yes you appear as you see other humans, we view the same as you do we do not intend to do anything to the humans and we do not like being called "evil" as we are just like you but maybe colder, uglier and transparent. all my love and care, Mary-Rose

Here are the Questions we asked:
1. Can you see the past, present & future?
Is there a surefire way to force a ghost or "unseen being" to leave a house or residence if the owners so wish it? If so, what would that be? And are substances such as salt & sage a serious deterrent for you or evil entities?
Do unseen beings (like you) have the power to kill or severely hurt a living person? If not, are there laws in place to prevent you from doing such a thing?
Are non-human entities & or evil spirits prevalent in your world and are you powerless around them? And are the living powerless if we are being singled out by them?
How do you view the living? In other words, can you always see us, and do we appear differently to you than we appear to each other?
Is there anything else you would like (or be willing) to share with us for our research?

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