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Answers from the great beyond!
Here are answers from those who claim to be ghosts & ghost representatives

Medium's response to our questions
Hello my name is Roselyn and I can speak to most ghosts. I have been speaking to a ghost child named Heather recently and she seemed distressed, after all she was only 10. When I found this website I asked her if she would answer some of the questions so here are the answers I received: She says that when she sleeps she sees things that haven't happened yet that have indeed happened later on, but she says that some of her friends have it differently. She says for the second question that she doesn't know, she has been living outside in the woods behind my house for sometime. She says, 'I hurt this little boy once on accident, but he couldn't see me that's when I figured I was dead, and if there are laws then I haven't heard of them yet.'
Heather doesn't wish to answer this question as it is not your right to know.
She answers, 'Well I can sometimes see the living, in other words, like ghosts do they disappear and reappear so in our world your the ghosts.
She says she can't remember when she died but it was a very long time ago and sometimes when she is really upset or angry things will move about the room.
My name is Roselyn and I'm 18, I figured I had this gift when I was 13, if you have more questions for Heather she might answer them.

Here are the Questions we asked:
1. Can you see the past, present & future?
Is there a surefire way to force a ghost or "unseen being" to leave a house or residence if the owners so wish it? If so, what would that be? And are substances such as salt & sage a serious deterrent for you or evil entities?
Do unseen beings (like you) have the power to kill or severely hurt a living person? If not, are there laws in place to prevent you from doing such a thing?
Are non-human entities & or evil spirits prevalent in your world and are you powerless around them? And are the living powerless if we are being singled out by them?
How do you view the living? In other words, can you always see us, and do we appear differently to you than we appear to each other?
Is there anything else you would like (or be willing) to share with us for our research?

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