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TV Ghosts & Other Theories
Written by: David T. Raynor  -  Email: NoFoKingWei@aol.com
The phosphor dust that coats the inside of the screens is charged by streams of electrons and holds the image long enough for our eyes to process and interpret the image.
Perhaps, the phosphor also captures spectral energies and due to the phosphors properties converts that energy into a visual image as well.
I've noticed an abundance of images that are captured on screens or behind / through / around glass. (windows mostly)   In some way, perhaps the glass with a coating of dust reacts like a screen.. The particles are charged by this spectral energy and is able to convert it into a visual image or hold the image long enough for our eyes to process it.
Extrapolating this to cameras, both digital and film, the same process might be taking place. I know that some early cameras (and some modern large format cameras) used ground glass lenses. And given the properties of the ground glass, it would react in a similar fashion.
As far as images which show up on film but were no where to be seen by the naked eye, lest we forget that the physical process of film is much like the phosphor coating on TV / monitor screens.  IE: The image is held by the chemicals on film or by the phosphor screen in a digital camera.
Without a doubt, the most DISTURBING images I have seen are of the "dark ones".  The shadow people, or whatever they're called.. Mostly because the average ghosts are translucent or seem somewhat harmless compared to the shadow people which appear solid and more "real".
Also, given the nature of film, lenses, and the overall process,  the dark ones would have to have some kind of physical presence or influence over the environment to be able to show up on film like they do.
Beings of all kinds are interested in things going on around them, be they alive or dead. I've also had a thought for a while now that if there ARE people we cant see who walk among us, why wouldn't they sit on chairs or relax on sofas..  I've been in some places where I've thought to myself, "Its so comfortable or beautiful here, I could just be content sitting here forever."  -- Of course, that makes me wonder whenever I'm in such a place, if there are indeed people I can't see lounging around.
There's also the "echo of the past" thing to consider as well.  Images or vibrations of past events replaying in present day.  Like the reports of ghosts fighting battles on the fields of Gettysburg or indeed the old man in long johns that many people have reported along I-75 in Florida. (I could be wrong on the interstate number, but I'm pretty sure that was it. Might have been 275)
In case you haven't heard about the latter, I myself have seen him twice and nearly wrecked my truck.  Driving along late at night I SWORE I saw an old man in long johns come out of the woods on the side of the road and fall in front of my truck. I slammed on the brakes and careened to a stop facing the wrong way.  There was no impact and when I slowly drove back to where my skid marks started there wasn't anyone there.
I drove to a rest stop and went in for coffee. The waitress noticed I looked pretty pale and asked what was wrong. I related the story and much to my surprise she nodded and said "yeah, your not the first one to see him." To which two truck drivers said they've seen him too.  (on various nights, but mostly on the same stretch of road.)
On another trip I came up to what looked like an accident scene with cars and trucks parked on the side of the road and a second later passed the old man who was now walking down the center of the road.  Still in those translucent long johns.
No one seems to know who he is or why he walks that stretch of road, but I wonder how many accidents he's caused over the decades.
One local legend says that when I-75 was built, they paved over forgotten or abandoned towns along the way including cemeteries.  One story was that the remains of civil war soldiers buried where they had fallen were paved over and weren't too happy about it.  I don't know.
Some of the most interesting ghost pictures I've seen thus far are the ones where the ghosts are in color rather than being just a vapor or translucent white..  The "swamp" and "ghost at the monitor" pictures come to mind. You can see the flesh tone of the man's skin and the blue of his overall's.  The dark hair and blue eyes of the girl peeking at the monitor...
Shutter speeds come to mind too. Ghosts RARELY show up on time exposures and not all cameras have the same exact shutter speed.  Which leads me to believe that certain models, or certain cameras themselves have the right shutter speed.  Two identical cameras manufactured at the same plant will themselves be off from each other. If only by a handful of microseconds.
Thus, if you have a camera that has captured ghost images, it is important to hold on to THAT particular camera and to never alter it in any way.  Just in case my theory is correct and its keyed into that "time frame" or vibration where its able to capture ghosts.
I myself have never owned a camera that has caught any ghost or odd images. But I have had film developed that came back with nearly every anomaly that can happen. Static discharge, X-ray damage, heat damage, expired chemicals, etc.
When it comes to orb photography, I've noticed there is a "vector" factor common in most. A triangulation of lens position, a glass or reflective object, and the appearance of the orb.  (albeit there are two kinds of orbs. I'm referring to the ones that sort of resemble snowflakes or distorted water droplets.)
Think of the lens as the bottom point of a V.  Take the position of the orb, and then make an imaginary vector line out to something in the area which could have reflected light back at the lens.  Usually you'll find SOMETHING in the area which while not a direct reflection, could be the culprit causing the orb.  The size or intensity (density?) of the orb very well might relate to the vectored distance or position of object causing the reflection.

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