Shadow Ghosts do exist!
Melissa's experience teaches us a lot about this topic

  A lot can be learned about Shadow Ghosts by reading Melissa's true story below

Pay particular attention to these Tell Tale signs as you read:

Footsteps running by, scratching like there are rats in the wall but louder, lights flashing on and off, power shutting off, can hear loud breathing, banging at night, things get progressively worse over time, physical manifestations of “things”, strange faceless creatures flying over while in bed, clouds of colored smoke, wondering if you are going crazy, can be very tall, solid black, man shaped figure, figure is darker than a shadow, almost devoid of light, feeling of evil, tall with the build of a man, they walk around as if in a trance, they can appear and disappear randomly, shuffling noise, sounds of nails scraping on the walls, loud dragging and thumping on the roof, screeching animal-like sound, can resonate an extreme fear and malice, they can throw objects, can pursue in anger, in this case, it did not hurt anyone.


Hi, my name is Melissa Logan and this is my experience
There was no living with this thing and eventually we were forced to move away

We moved into our home in Daisy Hill, Qld Australia in 2007.

At first, we heard footsteps running up and down the hallway at night.  At first I thought it could have been the next door neighbours up late.

Then, a few months later, the scratching began.  Like the sound of rats in the walls, but worse.  I remember one day I wanted the scratching to stop…I banged on the wall 3 times…and to my horror…it banged back – 3 times.

From there, lights would flash on and off with no explanation.  The power would all of a sudden shut off.   I would hear breathing from behind me; scratching in the walls, sliding in the roof, banging at night, footsteps on our wooden floors…it just went on and on.

It slowly progressed to the point that I began to see physical manifestations of “things” I couldn’t explain.  I would wake up at night to see grey, orange and red clouds of smoke above my head; strange faceless creatures flying over me.  I was sure I was going crazy…could it all be real? Was it all in my mind?

One night, my Husband and I were asleep in bed.  It began to rain, and our little Maltese dog was outside in her bed.  I could hear her crying at the door, wanting to come inside. 

I woke up and headed toward the back door.  I opened the door and let her in.  Bending over to dry her with a towel, I heard footsteps shuffling down the hallway and I instantly thought my Husband was coming to check on me.

As I stood up to greet him, I was paralysed with fear as I saw a tall, solid black, man shaped figure making its way across the family room.  He was darker than shadow, almost devoid of light and he ‘felt’ evil.

It was approx 7ft tall…slim, and had the build of a man.  It was walking straight ahead, as if in a trance…as though it had no idea I was watching “it”.  The spare bedroom light was on and it was walking toward it. 

As it came closer to the light, it stepped into the bedroom and just disappeared.

The whole time I was glued to the floor, so afraid to move just in case it saw me…I just stood there in disbelief and fear.

Slowly, over the years, the entire atmosphere of the house became so oppressive we could barely stand it.

So, we decided to move.  Just before we moved out, my Husband and I were up moving furniture and we heard shuffling down the hallway again.  The shuffling started to follow us around the house – wherever we went.

We could hear nails scraping on the walls, loud dragging and thumping in the roof.  It was very frightening.  Then, we heard the most awful, screeching, animal-like sound in the roof.  It was the creepiest sound I had ever heard and unlike anything I had ever heard before.  It resonated an extreme fear and malice and my Husband and I quickly ran to the bedroom.

In pure desperation, I screamed at the top of my lungs… “In the name of Jesus, get out of my house! Get out of my house now!”

Instantly, we heard loud crashing, banging and thumping as this “thing” crashed its way from the family room, down the hallway and towards where we were standing.

We heard a loud crash in the ceiling, something falling onto the roof of our shed and scatter off into the bushes in the backyard.

After we had moved, I went back to the empty house to make ‘peace’ with whatever we had been living with for the past 4 ½ years.

As I said my good-byes…loud thumping could be heard up and down the hallway.

I took that as a “good riddance” indicator.

I have never again heard the banging, thumping, scraping or the strange black man again.  And for that, I am grateful.

M Logan

Qld, Australia

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