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Ouija Board – Questions & Answers

Consider the risks of such an indulgence!



This research comes through the study of those who have researched and/or experienced a Ouija Board Crisis. It happens way more than you might know.

How does a Ouija board work? 
No one can state exactly how it works. The spirit works though your mind and body to give the messages. This is an ancient Occult method called "channeling." 

Can the Ouija Board harm/kill someone?
The spirit from the board cannot harm or kill you directly. In other words, it usually does not hit you with a hammer or throw you across a room (this is a rare occurrence).  No, it is more subtle kind of harm.   If you spend enough time with the board and spirit communication, your emotions, mind and body will become affected.  Depression and suicidal thoughts can be a symptom of “spirit communication" or "spirit chasing."  

Can It Harm You If You Are Not Involved in the Game?
No, you have not given the spirit permission to communicate with you. The spirit can hover around you making you aware of its presence. 

Is There A Nice Way of Playing It?
I do not believe there is a nice way of playing the board.  If you contact a spirit, it may seem nice at first, but it lies.  You have no way of knowing what spirit you contact.  It picks you, you do not pick the spirit. 

Can You Get In Touch With Good spirits as Well as Bad?
My personal experience indicates that the spirits contacted through the board are evil spirits. They might pretend to be good.  Eventually, their true personality shows if you spend enough time with it.  

If  You Finish the Game Do the Spirits Go or Do they Stay?
You would be very lucky if the spirit would go after you summon it.  Some will go at first.  The more time you spend on the board, the more chance the spirit will stay.

Why is it That Only Certain People Can Successfully Work the Board?
Some people have natural spiritual sensitivity.  Just like your eye color or personality--spiritual sensitivity a natural part of some people.  It is easier for those people to contact the spirits.

Can you play the Ouija Board Alone?  
Yes, it is possible for one person can play the board.  Only the spiritually sensitive people can do this--not everyone.  You usually need to start with two people though.  If you can communicate alone, then you are in more danger.  The spirit can get control of your mind, emotions and body faster and easier.

What if you summon a spirit and you want it to leave.  Will it hurt you?
When you tell a spirit to leave, it will not want to go.  Depending on the amount of time spent on the board, it will pester you with thoughts of depression, suicide, give you bad dreams.  The only way I know to get rid of a spirit is through the power of Jesus Christ.

Even after everything I read, I still like to use the Ouija board.  I use it all the time. I think they are cool.  Why should I stop?
Yes, the channeling does seem "cool" Why? The spirits are whatever you want them to be. If you want angels, they will tell you that they are angels.    If you want a famous dead person--that is who they will be. They are lying but you will not know until it is too late-- you will be possessed. 

An Experience with a demon


What told you to keep using it? 
My curiosity keep me using it. I thought it was a friend and protective spirit. I thought it would help me in life.

Why couldn't you stop?
I finally stopped when I was getting self-destructive thoughts, nightmares, and hatred for other people. I stopped using the board but the spirit would not leave. Sometimes it would talk though my voice (medium ship) and the most foul language would come out about cursing God and Jesus Christ. Then I knew beyond a doubt that I was tricked. It was not friendly but it was a demon from hell. It would not leave when I told it to. It continued to torture me.

Was the spirit dangerous? Please tell me what it felt like. 

Yes, the spirit was very dangerous. It was in my body and in my mind. It felt like I was losing control of my sanity.  I was so fearful I could not sleep for very long at a time. I lost weight and did not eat.  The demon would attempt to harass me by telling me why life is not worth it.  The thing kept giving me reasons why I should kill myself.  I could feel the hatred of people from the demon and I thought  the hate was my own.  Concentrated effort is needed to be able to tell the difference between my thoughts and the thoughts of the demon.    

The control of my own speech and body movements were getting weaker.  I would avoid social contact because I was afraid the demon would say something through me that would be very embarrassing.


Am I or could I get possessed?
Yes, you can become possessed. You probably won't notice it at first. They will slowly gain control of your mind and body. The more you channel them the deeper your possession will be. 

How do you know if you are possessed?
First, you tell the spirit to leave. They do not leave. You cannot control them. Eventually they will get tired of playing your game--what you want them to be. They will reveal their true nature. Their nature is one that wants to hurt and destroy you. They will give you nightmares. They will confuse your mind. They will give you thoughts of suicide. They will give you irrational fear and hate. When that time comes you will know that you have been tricked and that you are possessed. You know you are possessed when you see yourself losing control of your mind and body.

Do I really believe that the spirits can be summoned though a cheap devise like a Ouija Board?
Yes, most definitely.  The fact that it can be purchased at most stores that sell games makes it all the more dangerous.  

Since I say I believe in God, why am I so negative about the spirits?  Don't I believe in good spirits other than God?
The Holy Spirit and
Angels are good spirits.  When we become "born again" the Holy Spirit fills our spirit and teaches us all truth.  Angels are sent at the command of God only.  Angels are not to obey our call but only by the command of God.    


The act of touching the planchette of the Ouija Board is a possible invitation to spirit possession.   The more involved a person becomes by spending time and effort in communicating the spirit the more chance of possession.  If a person is spiritually sensitive, they can be affected by a spirit influence by being in the same room while an Ouija Board is being worked.


More about possession

Spirit possession is widely misunderstood. 
  Possession usually happens gradually and in stages.

How does a person get possessed?
Risk activities increase as you seek to penetrate our earthly bounds in search of communication with those beyond our realm. With such activities, you are opening yourself up to hidden risk. We are warned of many of these types of activities in the bible and within our own consciousness. [this paragraph added by GhostStudy]

Spirit Behavior in Possession
Possession is usually not a total possession. The person usually has the majority of control.  The person can live and function in their life; however, it takes a large amount of control to attempt to live normally.  The spirit is always there confusing the person's thinking clamoring for attention.  Usually the spirit is friendly enlightened, and protective until the person tells it to leave permanently.  Then the spirit gets agitated and begins to show its true nature.  The nature of the spirit is one of hatred.  The spirit then concentrates energy to destroying the person.      

Stages of Possession

These are basic stages of possession taken from not only my experience but from the experience of others.

Partial Influence:

_Spends most of their free time channeling. 

_The spirit begins to control and influence the person's behavior and social contacts. 

_Friend's and family notice the person's behavior is getting strange.    

_Wants to be isolated from friends and family so that they can spend more time with the spirit.

Partial Possession:  There is partial control of the mind, speech and some body movements.


_Dreams become intense nightmares.

_Sleep is constantly disturbed. 

_Constant headaches 

_Negative Emotions such as fear and hate are intensified.  

_Might begin talking to the spirit aloud.  Family and friends may observe the person talking to himself.   

_Hears spirit voices that confuse thinking patterns and hinder concentration needed for school, work and normal life activities.

_Starts to fear that the spirit's control cannot be stopped. 

_Wants isolation from friends and family.

_Thoughts of suicide are frequent and uncontrolled.

_Faster than normal movements of the head, arms and fingers. Does not happen all the time--only when the person loses control for a moment.

_Speaks out of turn in a social situation. What is said is not related to the current conversation.

_Shows agitation by swearing and cursing.   

Total Possession:  

_Not able to function in life.  

_Needs to be institutionalized or commits suicide.  

_The doctors diagnosis is mental insanity.  

Please consider everything you have read above before ever contemplating the notion of using a Ouija Board

  We here at GhostStudy receive letters way to often from those that are in a crisis because of dabbling into such practices.

If you have a Ouija Board, throw it away... please!