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We here at recently received an email from a rather alarmed viewer. She introduced herself as Rhonda. She then conveyed the story of an angel figurine that she bought at a garage sale a few years ago. However, this was no ordinary figurine or typical angel! She continues her story about how it was accidentally knocked off the table where it was sitting. To her utter shock, the pieces revealed three small creatures within. They had been lodged within the midsection of the figurine (as if in a fetal position) and were completely unidentifiable in any way. The only way they could possibly be made known is by breaking open this strange angel figurine. And that of course, is exactly what happened Christmastime 2009.  The first question coming to Rhonda's mind was what does this mean? Why would anyone go to such extraordinary measures to do such a thing? What would be the purpose? Are they demon creatures? Could it have been done with an evil purpose? Many questions like this went through Rhonda's mind as she examined the pieces and studied the small creatures within.

NOTE: Upon receiving the package at Ghoststudy, I contacted a fellow researcher and he advised me to send it to him without opening the package, which I did. He has made an initial assessment of the pieces and feels that there is no threat or harmful intent.

See what they are saying about it on the Message Board:

Many on the board are thinking the creatures look more like Dragon's than demons

Here is what Ghost137 suggested on the message board...
Since you have someone studying it, any chance we could get more full detailed photos of the statue. The originals were blurry and kind of all over. Everyone made their best guess by what we had to work with. Close ups of how they fit into the inside, their detail and placement together. If they were fused within or free floating. Would be great, any markings or numbers would be great also anywhere on the whole statue? Detail of the bottom of the main statue would be good also.  _Ghost137

Answer:  We will do exactly that... thank you, Ghost137







Do you have any explainable theories for this?

A Viewer Writes...
Procedurally,   the  creatures  inside  the  angel  immediately  reminded  me  of  something  in  demonology  --   hidden  cursed  objects,  whiuch  Fr.  Gabriele  Amorth,  in  "An  Exorcist  Tells  His  story,"  ISBN  0-89870-710-2,  says  can  be  some  of  the  nastiest,  most  hard-to-remove  evil  presences.
Except  for  the  absence  of  wings  (except,  Are  those  wing  stubs  I  see  on  the  upper  back?)  the  creatures  bear  a  resemblance  to  the  Jersey  Devil,  seen  here

and  here:

Note the split tail, the upraised hands, and the  horse face.
I regard the Jersey Devil as a variety of demonic tulpa.
Peter  J.  Dawson

A Viewer Writes...
I have been doing ceramics for some time now, and this situation has happened before.

The ceramics are made from slip (runny clay) pored into a mould, but when you get rejects you just throw them into the slip to brake down again.

I'm thinking that when they poured the slip into the mould the rejects went in as well, without the person pouring knowing about it.

So when the angel got backed it backed the dragon figurines as well, you see in the photos where the dragons were stuck to the angel figure. (circled in red)

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Kevin & Debbie Scanlan

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Do you have any explainable theories for this?

Published: July 10, 2010


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