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Unusually Carved Pumpkins!

Most detailed pumpkin I have ever seen

The most Scariest Pumpkin

Creepiest Watermelon ever!

Cleaver Skull Head coming out of Pumpkin

The Artist made the image appear to have color like a portrait

The Detail displayed here is phenomenal

The farmer discovered how to mold a growing pumpkin to form a face

This guy, along with a gaggle of volunteers, carves over 3,000 pumpkins to display in and around his house every Halloween. According to the website he has "carved over 25,000 pumpkins since 1978." Kenova Pumpkin House - Link.
Kenova’s Pumpkin House, located at 748 Beech Street, displayed approximately 3,040 carved pumpkins in 2005. Owner Ric Griffith has been displaying pumpkins at this location each Halloween since 1992. At night, the lights can be seen from across the river in Ohio. Photograph by Ric Griffith.


29,000 carved pumpkins in one place in Boston in 2007 set the world record. 

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