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Illusions - Strange and Creepy!

The illusion below looks really scary when we see it randomly. Some people see it as a head of a devil while most of the others feel that it's a woman standing in a room, what do you see?


Count the number of dots the girl standing on the back has on her dress. Be focused otherwise you may miss something.


Concentrate this picture see what you find there.


Some people just see the two children sitting with the
dog but on a closer look you can also see a skull.


That Crayfish appears to be going after the child. No worries, its just an
Illusion made with colored chalk. The artist was able to add dimension
to his painting thus causing fear in the hearts of those that walked by.


What do you see in this illusion? Some see a huge skull, while
others see a girl sitting in front of a mirror

  Copyright: Jim Eaton -