My grandmother went to visit my uncle in California during the summer. While she was there they went to the beach. As you can see in the picture my uncle is walking in the sand. In front of him is what it looks like to me is a person in a black robe. I am not for sure what it is but if you notice you can see the shadow of the thing in the water. My grandma says that when she was taking the picture she noticed the thing in the display of the camera but when she looked up to see what it was it wasn't there. She also took the picture with a digital camera if you need to know. She owns a HP digital camera also. If you come to the conclusion of what it is please let me know. I am curious to know and so is my family. If you like you can post it on your sight. I know for a fact it's real and you can do the necessary testing you need to do if you like.

Submitted by:  Victor Reyes

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