In the picture are myself, my wife and my youngest son. My 14 year old son is behind the camera. The photo was taken in the summer of 2004. No one was in the house at the time of the picture being taken. I had not seen this photo until the other day when my son was thumbing thru a photo album and this ghostly figure caught his attention. We have absolutely no idea how a ghost would be in our home and quite frankly we were a little freaked out by it. The house was only 4 years old at the time of the photo. We bought it 6 months after being built. We tried to reflect back on our time in this home to see if we could remember any weird incidents that may have taken place but to no avail. We now longer reside in this house but we are strangely confused by the unknown ghost. We're open to ideas.

Submitted by: Charlie



  Staff comments:
--You can also find this photo posted at Coasttocoastam.com. Thank you Charley for the kind words and for allowing us to post your photo.


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