I found this photo on my friends bebo and there was a black figure in the background, I was just wondering what it was. I think that it is probably a ghost and it's very weird. This picture was taken at my school in nottinghanshire, England.

Submitted by:  Charlie

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  Staff comments:
It walks as it leans forward and appears similar to a monster in some creepy horror movie. Interestingly enough it is also completely black and hooded which adds additional interest to this photo. So the analysis would have to be that it's either a dark menacing creature or an oddly dressed man walking with a crook in his back. It's quite odd and a bit spooky to consider the possibilities. 

Viewer Comment:
I was looking at this photo and remembered having read in the past about something called a doppelganger. Supposedly it is a shadow form that we all have that follows us around, just never see, and that is a copy of ourselves. It came to mind because if you look closely at the dark figure, it seems to be mimicking the girl. Maybe someone actually caught one of those slippery little buggers : )

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