We asked for help with this picture from our files. We posted the picture on the main page of Ghoststudy along with our request for information and here's the response we received from Howard...
I remember when this photo showed up on one of the sites I research. It was a picture taken of some tourists who were visiting the Queen Mary. They were going up or coming down either a ramp or some steps when one person in the party snapped this photo. It was taken at a distance of about 25 or 30 feet and the photographer claimed that they did not notice anything unusual until they developed or uploaded the picture and saw this reddish figure reflected off the wall. The picture you are showing is the close-up of this shot. I will search back and try to find the site I found it on. It may have been your site, Ghoststudy, or Coast to Coast AM. I hope memory serves me on this and I'm not having a "geriatric moment", since I'm only 53!    _Howard Bucknam

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