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  True Ghost Orb!
Orb playfully attacks dog but flees when camera comes out!

Jim Writes, "The orb featured below was captured with a digital camera in a haunted house. The dog (Brittney) began to twist and turn frantically as it continually snapped at some unseen being. The drama continued for few minutes to the amazement of all of us in the room. Once we realized what was happening, I pulled out my camera and snapped two quick pictures. One photo shows nothing and the second catches an orb as it flees the room!

 One thing we have learned about orbs is that they will always flee swiftly at the moment a camera is detected. One of their laws seems to be that they are not be captured on camera/cam, period!"  :)

Also see editors comments below for more details


Submitted by:
Jim Eaton  |  mailbox@ghoststudy.com
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true orb on camera    I can't remember which photo I took first but this one shows Brittney on guard and ready to snap at the playful ghostly predator.

orb ghost on film camera    This photo shows the orb on it's way out. Once the camera was spotted, it fled.

After this photo, the dog was fine and laid down to rest from the ordeal.
orb on camera film ghost    Probably one of the clearest true orbs captured on film! 
orb ghost on film camera cam    Black & White view. This gives us a better look of the details within.
true ghost orb on film camera cam    Enhance version.

This one also allows some extra detail to show through as well.

The points you see on the lower ends of the orb appear to be from the bag showing through.
true ghost orb photo   Here are the two photos that I laid on the table and took a picture of them togather.

Photos were taken in the year 2002.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
Watch your animals because they can see them! So when they go into an intense watch, grab your camera as quickly as possible.  ; ) ,,,

One thing to keep in mind, orbs do not appear to travel in packs. Usually just one or two. So if you see several of them in your pictures, it's most likely airborne particles or dust close to the lens at the time of the snap. So pay particular attention to captures that are especially similar to the ones shown on this page. 

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Another similar photo from our files...
true ghost orb on film cam    Another Orb photo that is most likely authentic.

Submitted by a viewer.

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Posted: October 2016
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