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  Haunted Inn has a Spirit!
Taken of a mirror in New Jersey at the Poor Richards Inn!

Jimmy writes, "My wife and I enjoy going to ďCape MayĒ whenever we can. It happens to be one of the most haunted places in New Jersey. They say it's partly due to the fact that it's surrounded on three sides by water and also because of the history. This particular time we stayed at a bed and breakfast called "Poor Richards Inn" in Cape May. We stayed in a room that has a lot of history and is particularly haunted. The reports are bed shaking, hearing footsteps, doors opening, creaking...that sort of thing. We took lots of pics in that room and this is the one that stood out. Itís a picture of the rooms mirror. Many say that mirrors have strange energy and can be a portal or window to the other side. The picture I include seems to offer some sign of that. We see two faces in the mirror. But the bottom face is the one of special interest to me. It looks as if itís observing us! I played around with the brightness and contrast and this is the end result. I hope you find it as compelling as we did."

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Submitted by:
Jimmy Iozia - jimmythebroom@yahoo.com
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ghost spirit mirror    Close up of the mirror revealing a face!

Cape May spirit ghost    This is the complete picture with enhancements added. Jimmy no longer has the original photo
Cape May spirit    Close up of the two faces. The bottom face is what is of interest to us. The face appears to be a man with a mustache and beard. And he (the spirit) seems to be staring out from the mirror... as if amused by the occupants.  
Poor Richards Inn    The bedroom where the picture was taken.
Poor Richards Inn spirit   Poor Richard's Inn from the front entrance.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
Remember, if you're ever in New Jersey, consider staying at "Poor Richards Inn" It might be an experience you will never forget! And bring your camera because we want to see plenty of pictures!  :)

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Another similar photo from our files...
    Taken at the Farnsworth Inn, Gettysburg, PA.
Ghost by the window.

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Posted: October 2016
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