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  Ghostly face in the smoke?
Can this be a direct act of summoning?

Coleman writes, "Hi there, while going through a folder of my digital photos, I came across this photo of me with a lit cigarette. If you look Into the cigarette smoke there is a rather detailed face of a man within. It's been freaking me out since rediscovering it."

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Submitted by:
Coleman Wallace <cwelectro@gmail.com>
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spirt ghost in smoke    To the left of Coleman, a face appears within the cigarette smoke!

spirit ghost in smoke    Enlarged for a closer look.
ghost spirit in cigarette smoke.    Super enlarged view.

We have lost
some detail by stretching the photo to this degree. But we can still see the whites in it's eye.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
One question certainly comes to mind. And that is, was there any type of summoning involved in this experiment? Because by the look of the photo, it suggests (to me at least) the appearance was no accident. Could this have been a direct request from beyond through summoning? Or just a puff of smoke with coincidental human features appearing? Either way, it's quite a remarkable capture.

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Here's another from our files...
ghost face in the smoke

ghost in the cigarette smoke 
  Another from the GhostStudy files showing a rather detailed face within the smoke of what appears to be a creepy face. 

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Posted: Octobere 2016
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