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  Florida Swamp Ghost?
Mystery photo, help us solve it!

Steve writes, "Hi, I took this pic at Big Cypress Swamp in S. Florida. I didn't see it at the time, but my wife spotted it later when viewing on the computer. It appears in the center of the pic and looks to be a man in khakis wearing a hat. It was taken in the morning facing east with a Nikon p-500 camera on about November 15th 2015. It was mid morning and overcast."

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Submitted by:
Steve Carlsberg, Plantation, FL
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Ghost in Florida Swamp    Image in the swamp of a somewhat distorted man? Or ghost? Or simply an illusion?

Ghost Swamp Florida    Close-up
Ghost Cypress Swamp Florida    Extreme Close-up. And enhanced for a better view.
florida   Big Cypress Swamp in S. Florida.
  Another capture of Big Cypress Swamp in S. Florida.
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
It's a mystery for sure... man in the swamp, ghost? Or an illusion?
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Posted: October 2016
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