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  Ghost at Myrtles!
Another ghost sighting caught on camera at Myrtles Plantation!

Carolyn writes, "I just came back from a trip to the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville and stayed one night.  During the late afternoon about the time that the sun was beginning to set, I began taking random photos of the windows in the mansion, the house, porch, land, etc... I caught a number of orbs, but in this picture, you will see that I caught what seems to be the image of a little girl.  Perhaps one of the little girls that Chloe the slave accidentally killed with the oleander leaves that she baked into their cake.  I am also including the 2nd blown up picture. No one was in the mansion at the time this photo was taken."

Also see editors comments below for more details


Submitted by: Carolyn Andrews [candrews@ultimatestaffing.com]
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Myrtles Plantation     Myrtles Plantation ghost girl.

Myrtles Plantation     Close-up of the ghost girl image
    Scenic capture.

Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana.
    Super Enlarged 
GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
Because this is a window, we certainly can't completely rule out natural causes (glare, reflection, etc.). However, the Myrtles is well known for being haunted and the original owners did have two daughters that died in the home, as well as the mom. And the cause was believed to have been from poisoning. So, since the figure is in the image of a girl, I think it's a reasonable possibility that this could actually be a sighting of one of the deceased daughters. Fascinating capture!. 

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Posted: October 2016
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