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Dead Fish Fights Back!

We don't know how long before this, that the fish was actually caught and died. But we do know that this whole ordeal on the cutting board did last 40 minutes. The body struggled and whipped around as if to try biting the one holding it. but yet, the head was removed long before.

We post this phenomenon because it's rare that a fishes dead body would whip around like this... and even then, it's only a matter of a minute or two. This body however, seemed to be in control for up to 40 minutes before giving up the ghost (so to speak).

Either way, it seems that this particular fish (or it's spirit) was not willing to die without a fight!  :)

See bottom of page for brief explanation of this phenomena.


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GhostStudy Staff
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Click the above video clip and see for yourself

    Dead fish moving around so fast, the body is a blur in the video capture!

    She's still fighting the fishes body in order to scale it for baking.

"The brain does not control all body movements. Some movements are to a great extent controlled by neural networks in the spinal cord. This is why a chicken can run away (for a minute or so) after you chop its head off."
Source: sciencenordic.com


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Posted: September 2015
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