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Goo-Man appears in old photo!

I buy estate sale photos and found the attached photo in one of the many zippy bags. The tall man in the back row has a distorted, white, blobby face unlike any of the other people in the photo. His head is seen reflecting off the window glass, so he is really standing there; do ghosts have reflections? I'm guessing the print may have been made from a damaged negative, but my boyfriend thinks differently. The print surface is not damaged (as in someone trying to scratch the face out). The man is oddly taller than anyone else, but I cannot see if he might be standing on something.  
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Owner/submitter: Dorothy - Denver, CO 80210
  Tall odd man with facial covering?
  Super Close up
  GhostStudy Comments:
  In response to Tobe's submission, I shared the following with him... "I personally don't think it's from a damaged negative, nor do I think the man is a ghost. So at this point, I guess I would have to narrow it down to the following possibilities"...

1. Possibly a supernatural occurrence. Meaning, unseen beings had managed to either mark this man in some way or they were playing with his appearance in a way that could only be detected on film.
2. Or t
he man could have been the recipient of a pie throwing contest. Meaning he would have been wearing a plastic apron to protect his clothing during the event and then quickly removed the covering and jumped into the photo as a joke (quite probable).
3. Of course we always have to consider photo manipulation as a possibility, but highly unlikely in this case.

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