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Dear, I'm sending you this photo because to me it's very special. In the upper right corner you can see what appears to be some kind of building in the clouds. This picture was taken by my father from his hotel balcony in Oahu, Hawaii in 1969 during my parents honeymoon. (Not sure which hotel, but he said it was closer to downtown) My dad always liked to take pics of the sky & obviously didn't notice anything when he took the picture. Not sure if this could be a double exposure or what. But this is the original picture (as you can probably tell, it's had a little wear & tear). He believes the photo to have been taken with a Yashica 35mm camera. It's been a few years since I scanned the photo in, and can rescan it if need be (not sure if newer scanners have changed in the last few years) Anyway, growing up, this picture has always seemed a bit magical to me. We always called the image "Castle in the Clouds".

Owner/submitter: Melissa
  Full picture with image of castle, temple or other such building style
  Larger and slightly enhanced
  GhostStudy Comments:

I'm not exactly sure what to make of this image but it seems to be symmetrical. And If you study the structure, you can see shadowing that would suggest dimension. To me, it looks somewhat similar to a temple design as pictured below. I even see what could be a steeple. So I would have to agree with Melissa, it does seem magical.
But as always, we need to consider all possibilities, and that being the possibility of this simply being an unusual cloud formation, thus creating an elaborate illusion. But then again, on the other hand it could be a rare appearance of a magical castle nestled within the clouds. Either way, quite an amazing photo!

Similar type of structure to this LDS Temple


Some unusual true cloud formations

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This is an actual haunted house in Sacramento CA. We here at GhostStudy took this photo. However, the ghost was added in just for fun..  :)

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