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Group of us friends were at a local public library, we were taking pictures. And when looking through them we noticed that I (one in blanket to the right) looked like I had 2 arms sticking out of the blanket. Only 1 of my own arms is out. Also, across my forehead to the right side looks darker. No trees/anything to make a shadow was around. Looking forward to a response!

Owner/submitter: Danielle
  Full picture with creepy arm coming out of blanket
  Extreme close-up
  GhostStudy Comments:
  We don't know... write us if you can figure out this mystery. :)

Greetings from San Francisco! :-)

I was looking through this month's gallery, and came across the "Mystery arm out of nowhere" images. In my opinion, this is certainly an unusual image.......whether it's a spirit anomaly or not.  

It raises some questions though. Why does the girl appear to be either wearing makeup on one eye ((it could either be that, or one hell of a black eye!))?  

What were they doing outside a library after dark? If you examine the first picture closely, it looks like they're beside a walkway. And the objects (like the "ball" the person is balancing them self on in the background) appear to be outdoor objects/sculptures.  

Not to mention that it looks like the light on the right side of the image ((beside the girl's head)), might be a distant street light. 

As far as the "hand" is concerned, that "could" be a fabric pattern on the blanket, that from a certain angle and in certain lighting, makes it appear to be a hand. Also, if you look at her shirt/blouse carefully, it looks like there's a pattern on the front which is partially shadowed by the "arm". 

Personally I would like to believe it's a genuine spirit/ghost. However, there are just too many things that make me believe that it's probably just a trick of light and shadow, albeit probably not a deliberate trick on anybody's part. Just my humble opinion. :-) 

Thanks, and keep up the great work!  



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This is an actual haunted house in Sacramento CA. We here at GhostStudy took this photo. However, the ghost was added in just for fun..  :)

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