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Spooky Collection of Ghost Photos!

Will Jacques has become fascinated with the supernatural. And he has been able to capture many interesting photos of what he believes are beings from the afterlife. We have posted a few of them here for your viewing.

email Will:
  Will writes, Here’s my best ghost ever. I took this picture in an
abandoned ghost town in Montana. There was nobody around but me,
at least nobody alive. Look at the second window from the right. I call
him Mr. Vest.
Ghoststudy writes: Interestingly enough, the figure in the window
appears to be between the window and the window shade. And Will's
claim is that it's a true ghost captured on film. We also find the image
in the door quite interesting as well.
  Close-up - brightened a bit for better clarity
  Will labels this one "The ghost in the window"
Pretty creepy!
  Will says it appears that this apparition is chasing a star.
She at least seems to be viewing in the direction of a bright object..
  Will suggests that this is a walking shadow person.
Almost looks alienist!
  Will writes, This photo was taken in a house that our group was called
on to investigate. The family that lived there were so frightened they
were in the process of moving. I took this picture while moving around
with a lantern and not using a flash. Of all my ghost photos, this is one
of the best I have taken. I have no explanation for it:
We can't rule out a fast moving investigator creating motion blur and
waving around a lighted object. But very eerie to consider the possibilities
  Here’s Will's standard ghost-hunting gear for Montana. Backpack has
water, food and a water-proof parka in it at all times. Cell phone and
camera handy in the front. And a heavy revolver and a good sturdy
dagger. The walking stick is diamond-wood with a sterling band
because you never know about werewolves.
  Here's Will - Check out his website and his artwork
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Our comments are added under the above photos.


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