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Ghost Trapped in a Bottle!
Another Ghost eBay Auction
This bottle was in my grandpa's possessions when he died, it had been stored in the attic.
My dad found it a few months ago while he was clearing it out. It was surrounded by some rosary beads next to a picture of the Virgin Mary & baby Jesus. As you can see it's got rather dusty. I'd thought about cleaning it off but I think it'd be a shame, I think it looks really cool.
My dad has given me permission to offer the bottle for sale. He says he doesn't think there's anything in it, he's kind of a skeptic, although he wouldn't let me open it in our house. I think the liquid is holy water although I can't be sure.
The house my dad grew up in was kind of creepy, and he said he'd been frightened a few times by noises and bangs, although he can't remember seeing any actual ghosts. For a time my grandma was very scared though, whatever it was had brought her to tears on several occasions. She wanted to move house, she was having nightmares all the time and it was bringing her close to, what I guess nowadays we'd call a nervous breakdown. He has a vague memory of when he was young, a priest (catholic) visiting the house and praying with his parents around the house and performing some kind of ceremony in the kitchen.
He says that when he was older, my grandpa had told him about how they used to have problems in the house, that someone had died there a few generations ago. There was an abusive father who had drowned his child in the sink, accidentally, while trying to punish him. His wife had committed suicide soon after and they thought the ghost of the woman and child had stuck around in the house, and they had scared my grandma half to death. She had heard the sound of a child's screaming a few times, and seen a apparition of the mother stood over the sink crying.
My grandpa had said that when the priest came, he had performed an exorcism and the ghosts had been trapped inside an old poison bottle. After that, the noises and apparitions stopped and my grandma started sleeping peacefully again. My dad never knew what had happened to the bottle until he found it in the attic the other month. I guess they couldn't think of anywhere else to put it. Or knowing my grandpa, he'd left it there temporarily and then forgotten about it!
Anyway, I don't know whether there really is anything in this. But I don't want to open it here and find out either.
For awhile I kind of liked having it around and showing it to my friends, but sometimes I get scared it's going to break in my bedroom accidentally and then I'll have a haunted bedroom, which I would not like!
Anyway, I hope that someone finds some use for this. It could be good for Halloween I guess? Thanks for looking.

Here's the actual auction on eBay

Here's what they're saying about it on the GhostStudy Forums

Owner/submitter: Ken - eBay auction
  Creepy looking bottle
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  GhostStudy Comments:
  I guess the general conscious is that the guy might just be fabricating this auction for his on personal gain. But of course the only way to know for sure is to win the auction and open the bottle. Just be sure to film the event and have your EMF meters running! And if you're the winner, please send us pictures of the event.  :)

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