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amityville house drawingAmityville Horror
My Encounters with George Lutz & Lorraine Warren
By Jim /

I just happened to be walking around the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California when my cell phone rang. I answered it, and to my surprise the person calling me was George Lutz, the former owner of the infamous haunted house at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. I know this is hard to believe, because it was for me as well. First of all, did he just happen to know where I was in some mystifying way? Or was it just a crazy coincidence that I was at the Winchester Mystery House? And the most important question… and I kick myself for never asking this of him… but how did he get my cell phone number?? This was my first encounter with George!  There was something very strange about this man and his abilities to ascertain information.

While on the phone, George asked about a specific photo I had posted on It is the alleged ghost boy on the stairs photo, taken in The Amityville Horror house. In a very nice manner, he asked if I could remove it temporarily as he was writing a book and wanted to include it.  Of course, I assured him that it would be removed right away! He was grateful and said that after the book came out, I would be free to put the photo back on my website. I thanked him for that. I then related to him that I was standing in the Winchester Mystery House at that moment. He did not seem surprised, which again, makes me wonder if he already knew that somehow. We talked for a bit and he told me I could call him anytime. After we said our goodbyes, I immediately sought a place to sit and digest everything that had just occurred.

The next time we spoke, I called him. I had discovered something I felt was monumental as far as ghost research was concerned and was asking for his counsel on the topic. He was able to give me some sound advice. We discussed whether or not I should share some of these things with my website audience.  He gave me the best advice possible; “some things are not meant for the masses.”  And that was exactly what I needed to know.

Of course, since I had the man on the phone, I decided to ask him some of my own questions about the Amityville Horror House. He advised me that the story had been greatly embellished and sensationalized for the book and movie, as we all well know. It has been 8 years since we spoke, so I do not remember exactly what he said, but I do remember him saying that there were a lot of flies in the sewing room, but not to the degree shown in the movie.  Most of what he told me was also on his website’s message board. It was there that he answered a lot of questions. He began to open up more and more about those 28 days in the Amityville house.  He set the record straight on a lot of things, and did it in a very sincere manner. Unfortunately, his admissions are no longer on his forums, and it pains me that I hadn't made copies of his posts!

I finally asked the question that a lot of people want to know. I said, “George, why not write your own Amityville Horror book? Tell the whole story in your own words and be done with it.” I assured him the book would be a huge success and the world would finally know the true story from the man himself.

His answer was simply this; “I no longer own the rights to those 28 days in that house.”  When I asked what he meant by that, he replied, “I and Kathy signed a contact specifying that we would never publish anything concerning those days in Amityville.” Apparently, that was the contract for the movie deal, although it may have been the agreement for the book as well. I do not think he was even supposed to talk about the events at all, but, of course, he did.

The third time we spoke; I called him and he did not answer the phone.  As I began to leave a message on his answering machine, I was tempted to say in a deep, slow voice, ‘GET OUT!’  Just kidding! I would never have done that.  When I was in the middle of leaving my message, he picked up the phone. He explained that he screens his calls, but assured me that he would always answer for me, which made me feel really good. He also mentioned that if I were ever in Las Vegas, I was invited to come visit. As I think about it now, I kick myself for not taking that opportunity. What a choice experience that would have been: to visit with the man and the legend.

In our conversation, he mentioned he was working on some projects; one of which was a series of DVD’s on the supernatural.  I got excited when he mentioned he could arrange to involve me in a segment. I replied that I was honored, but that no one would want to see me on film. Another project he mentioned was something about a man who blurted out some rather amazing things in his sleep or maybe it was in a trance, I can’t remember which one. He had a name for it, but it escapes me now. Then, of course, there was the book that he was writing, but, apparently, it was unfinished at the time of his death.

Eventually, I got around to the reason for my call. I asked him if he could help me get in touch with Lorraine Warren, the professed clairvoyant and light trance medium who, along with her husband, Ed, were among the first investigators at the Amityville house. The Warrens had founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost-hunting group in New England, back in 1952.  I was hoping to review some research I was doing at the time with her. He replied, “Of course,” and that he would call and get her permission. He then called me back with her number. I was grateful he trusted me enough to make that happen.

I called Lorraine Warren the next day. She was very kind and gracious in answering my questions and then proceeded to chat about her chickens for over an hour. Her chickens were her pets and like family to her. I enjoyed hearing all about them and the adventures she had with them. Of course, I wanted to ask about her Amityville experience, but did not want to turn that into the focus of my call, as it was not my intent. I am sure she found that refreshing!

The next time I called her, I was writing my book. I wanted to ask her about a photo she had in her possession, one with a monk image appearing in the background.  This photo has been around for a long, long time.  When I asked her who I might speak to about getting permission to use it, she responded, “You’re talking to her!”  She graciously gave me her permission to use it. Unfortunately, I was up against a deadline and was unable to include it in my book. But it is posted here on GhostStudy. | monk image |

One thing I found interesting during our conversation was the attention she still gets from her investigation of the Amityville Horror House, as well as other high profile cases. While we were chatting, a couple of cars pulled up to her gate with their lights focused towards her house. She said she appreciates the attention, but it makes her feel particularly uneasy when they show up and take pictures from the gate. It was getting late and I knew I should let her go, but somehow we found time to talk about her chickens again, which I found quite enjoyable. Years ago, I too had chickens as pets and I just happen to have a real appreciation for them as well!

Back to George...

The last time I spoke with George, it was in early 2005.  At the time, he was extremely outraged towards MGM, the movie studio that had produced the latest Amityville movie. It had a release date of April 15th, 2005. In a rage, he had posted a statement on his website that was over-the-top with a lot of colorful verbiages. I called him on the phone right away and counseled with him to please take his statement down before the world used it against him. He then removed the statement within an hour. I guess he just needed to vent his frustrations in some way. The studio was screwing him over big time. They had gone through his kids and left him out completely. He wrote MGM about the whole ordeal but they simply turned around and sued him. They called it declaratory relief. Their strategy was to be ready in the event that he might try to fight them in court. They insisted that not only did they have the right to do a remake, but also to do it without George's input. His three letters to them remained unanswered. George countersued, but the case remained open at George's death in 2006.

Trailer for the 2005 Amityville Horror movie version


I do want to say that I found George to be a very kind, intelligent and sincere man.  I know that he experienced some extraordinary occurrences in Amityville. Maybe his experiences were not as extreme as the book or movie portrayed it, but they were extraordinary all the same. He was pretty straightforward about the whole Amityville event in his last formal interview at This article is very informative and details exactly what happened in Amityville. Finally, George was able to tell the story in his own words!  Incidentally, George died just 13 months after that article was published. I have to wonder if somehow he knew his time was short and simply wanted to set the record straight, even if it meant a breach of contract.

As for Lorraine Warren, she is a jewel of a woman. My time with her was particularly enjoyable. I was made to feel like I was part of her family. She is a very kind and caring woman and if I had not lost her phone number, I would probably call and congratulate her on the new movie “The Conjuring”. And I would certainly be asking about her chickens as well. :)

As for her and Ed's part in the Amityville Horror, I believe in George. I sincerely believe George experienced an extraordinary occurrence. Therefore, what the Warren’s experienced would naturally fall into place as well.

Believe what you want, but I think these good people have been ridiculed enough.

Jim /

The New England Society For Psychic Research  (Warrens Website)

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