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Hi what do you think about this? It was taken while I was on holiday in New York in a busy hostel room during the afternoon. Everything was fine, everyone was happy, and enjoying the trip. We were actually playing catch with a baseball which explains my position. As far as I can see is it appears like “the ghost”  has its arm round my throat. I am from Manchester, England and this has never happened before, or since. I am skeptical about this kind of thing but that shouldn't make a difference should it. Anyway the picture was taken around 2007 in June and recently I just wondered about it. Curiosity got me, so I hope it can be of some use to what your doing. Any questions, just feel free to drop me an email and I will be more than happy to respond. Thanks

Owner/submitter: Phil Hollinghurst
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  I wrote Phil about my obvious concerns and suspicions. I told him that I couldn't rule out a well-orchestrated planned ghost photo session. Meaning the use of slower shutter speed where the boy is well posed... then another jumped on him rather quickly while covered in a sheet. I also mentioned the faint possibility of the ghosts right hand showing, which would allude to it being a human hand. He wrote back and pleaded his case of it not being staged in any way, shape or form. He seemed sincere so I left it at that.

The interesting thing about this photo is that there's no significant degree of motion, not even from the ghost image. For someone to jump on and wrap themselves around the boy without the boy losing his original pose/position would be quite a feat. It's also interesting that the ghosts body is sheer and see-through... with no living body showing underneath. I only see what could possibly be a hand but can't substantiate that with any degree of Precision.

We here at GhostStudy cannot make a definite determination concerning it's authenticity but it's a fascinating picture however it was captured!

Your thoughts would be most welcome!
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Just for reexamination... Let's hope it's just a stain on the wall or she might be in a bit of trouble. :)

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