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Ghost/Spirit tapping on window!

Kim writes, We went to the Morse Mill Hotel in July for a tour. I didn't notice what I had caught until a few months after I had taken the picture. We had a very busy summer with family, so when I finally had time to sit down a go thru my pictures I was pretty amazed by this one. I am sending you the original and the picture I zoomed in on. What do you all think about it? This is all new to me and I really would like some input.

Submitted by: Kim Long


ghost spirit real Morse mill hotel, Morsemill, Mo   

Photo was taken at Morse Mill Hotel, Morsemill, Mo.

Slightly enhanced to bring out the colors of the room

    Cropped and enlarged from the original photo.

Appears to be a figure outside on the roof with his left hand up to the glass... as if trying to get the attention of those there at the time.
ghost spirit real Morse mill hotel, Morsemill, Mo   This is an enhanced version (of the above) for better clarity.

One has to wonder why the figure is outside. Could the glass act as a medium for the ghost/spirit to make himself seen?
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Posted: September 2015
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