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A Little Girl from the 1700's died on a ship and was placed in a Rum Keg to preserve her body. And even to this day, Her death is remembered in a very special way...

 The Story...
A little girl died (in or around 1770) at sea during a voyage home from England with her father. He had promised her mother that he’d return her home safely, however she died of Yellow Fever at sea. Rather than being buried at sea, she was preserved in a barrel of rum so that she could be returned home, as promised. Her grave site is distinguishable because of the pile of toys and gifts that visitors have left there for her. A plank (marker) is positioned on the small cement grave that simply reads “Little Girl Buried in Rum Keg.

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    An outpouring of love for a little girl that died at sea three centuries ago.
    Another view of this amazing assortment of trinkets and gifts placed on her gravesite as a token of love.

    This is a view of the cemetery in Beaufort, NC. It's a welcoming and tranquil setting.

GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
Research shows that the little girl was around 9 or 10 years of age at the time of her death at sea. The cemetery is called "Old Burying Grounds", Ann street, Beaufort, NC 28516. The oldest legible date on a grave marker is 1756, however, many of the grave sites are much older. There is also another grave site in the cemetery where a solider is buried standing up so that he can salute England and his king even in death. The cemetery is haunted and Ghost Tours are offered on occasion. But when visiting, be sure to bring a trinket!

Special thanks to Michelle for bringing this to our attention!

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Posted: June 2015
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