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Horror Face in the Mirror!
A quick lesson in Ghost Photography

GhostStudy Briefing:
Much of what we are seeing here is an illusion created from streaks (from cleaning), glare, mirror angle and table items that are reflected in the mirror from a table. For instance, the eyeball on the right is a wine glass. The outline around the eyes appear to be from a plant. And some of the swipe marks create a brightened outline around the head. And lastly, one side of the face is created from a vase. And here's the kicker, we can't seem to explain some parts of the head and face. So we can't completely rule out some type of presence in the mirror as well. But it's really cool the way components in the room help to create such a scary image! Ghost Hunters usually call it, "Pareidolia or matrixing".

Brenda's Story:

Yesterday, I walked by the dining room, when something startled me as if a person was standing there. I saw a clear picture of a man's face in the mirror. I snapped a photo to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. My husband and I just moved into this house, and this is not the first "face" image we have seen. "Eyes" seem to show up everywhere.


Submitted by: Brenda
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    If you're having trouble detecting the face, scroll down to the crude outline below.
ghost face mirror haunted pareidolia creepy evil    Enlargement of the face for better viewing.

Don't stare at it to long or it might just show up in your own mirror... Yikes!
face haunted mirror    Here is a crude outline to simply show the structure of the face as we see it. It's not nearly as scary though as the actual face.  :)
haunted mirror real two spirits ghost ghosts    Here is an example of what is believed to be a true capture of spirits appearing in a mirror. It was taken around 2006 at a well known and well documented haunted house in the Black Forest of Colorado.

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GhostStudy Editor's Comments:
My comments are at the top of the page. But just so you understand, we are not indorsing or attempting to justify this as anything supernatural. Mainly because of the many physical elements contributing to it. There may very well be a supernatural presence within the house but this photograph would not work as evidence. But very cool capture and a lot of fun to see!

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Posted: June 2015
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