Photograph taken in 1967 reveals Jesus (and others) while alive near the sea of Galilee from over 2000 years ago!??

As the story goes...
While visiting the Holy Land In 1967, a woman was approached by several humanoid Extraterrestrial beings near the sea of Galilee." "The woman who wishes to remain anonymous was told by the Aliens to take out her camera,
a small Kodak instamatic, and take a picture of the surrounding hillside." "The Aliens told her she would be given the gift of a glorious event that occurred near that spot thousands of years ago."

"Not fully understanding the request the woman proceeded to take a picture."
"When she turned around, the Aliens had vanished." "When the woman returned home she had the film developed."

The image apparently shows (From left to right)

Joseph of Arimenthea (Jesus's maternal uncle) - Immanuel (Jesus Christ)
- His younger brother James and Simon Peter. 

Apparently the image shows the moment Jesus made the decision to return to Jerusalem. This would explain the look of concern and sorrow on the faces of Joseph and James; they knew if Jesus returned to Jerusalem he would be killed. That decision changed the course of history. If genuine, the image is the most important picture ever taken.

Note: This photo with it's story was sent to us by a viewer. We do not support it's claim of authenticity and consider it unreliable. But because of the spread of it's popularity on the web, we feel a responsibility to post what we know about the photo through our research. Click here

Original photo

Close-up - Joseph of Arimenthea - right: Jesus Christ

Jesus's younger brother James and Simon Peter

Ghoststudy comments!

We here at GhostStudy, through our research found evidence to doubt the authenticity of the story presented above. Click link below to see what we feel is the actual picture and a link to the website where it was found. Click here

Z Posted October 10, 2013

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