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Bachelors Grove Cemetery
A Ghost Attacks and speaks out on Audio!

Known as one of America's most haunted places but also one of the most vandalized cemeteries. Many believe that vandalism is the key factor for the restless ghosts & spirits that reside. It's not a huge cemetery but does house 82 grave plots, many of which were never sold or used. And several other grave markers and bodies have been relocated. Oh, an important note, the cemetery closes at dusk, so be sure to be out on time or face a ticket and/or a ghost! Oh, and please be sure to watch the 3 minute video below where two investigators face a ghost head on! It's the main reason we're sharing all of this. We also include a link below for a condensed version of this cemeteries extremely interesting history. Wait till you read about the pond, oh my!

A Cemetery Visitor Speaks...
It was late fall last year on Sunday around 4PM. There were a handful of other folks there. The vibe is intense -- definitely will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end at times. It does not feel malicious or mean; more forlorn. Also, there was a period of time where it was apparent that something was trying to get my husband's attention. We caught a few interesting visuals of this on video.

    A good source for the haunted history: Click Here  

 Watch this reenactment - Ghost Attack - Audio caught!

Ghost Hunters get the scare of their life!
  A ghost attacks and speaks out on audio! Don't miss this short 3 minute video!
lady in white Bachelors Grove Cemetery   "Lady in White" sitting on the stone that she made famous on August 10th 1991. Ghost enthusiast's everywhere come to sit where a famous ghost once sat.

Photo captured by Jude Huff-felz
lady in white Bachelors Grove Cemetery   Here's the same stone marker as the one above but this time with a fan of the stone enjoying his time.
lady in white Bachelors Grove Cemetery   The headstone does sit unoccupied at times.  :)
lady in white Bachelors Grove Cemetery   Looks like a possible girl spirit just outside the fence. Some say she naked.
    Another spirit in the cemetery caught on camera.
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Posted: August 2015
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