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Fire Entity in the Flame!??
Fire breathing as a medium apparently attracts entities!  :)

Stacey writes, Attached is a picture I took this past Tuesday (5 days before Halloween) of a friend doing some fire breathing. There is what appears to be a devil face in the flame right in front of his face.  I did not Photoshop this in, it was just a natural phenomenon in the flame - but what a great Halloween picture!  It was taken on the site of an abandoned warehouse in New Orleans.  Perhaps there were some spirits floating around there.

Here's a quick YouTube video about Fire Breathing Click Here
This is a very dangerous feat and should never be tried at home!

    Submitted by: Stacey Suhm <mailto:stacey3569@gmail.com>

flame breathing throwing fire skull devil face    Do you see the skull like face just below the fire stream?

flame breathing throwing fire skull devil face    Cropped and enlarged for a better view.

Look closely and you can see sharp upper teeth and small eyeballs within the eye sockets. Very cool whether it's an illusion or maybe even something a bit more sinister and spine tingling!
flame breathing throwing fire skull devil face    Extreme close-up of the proposed face. Very scary indeed!
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Posted: July 2015
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