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Photos Presented here are just to WEIRD for the Ghost Gallery!


Slowly Moving Shadow Figure!
It was in no hurry whatsoever!

This appeared today and it's the weirdest thing that's ever happened. I came

down the stairs and it was standing face on in the opposite panel of the

window. I thought someone was standing outside the window so opened the

blinds but there was nobody there. I moved around incase it was my shadow

but it stayed still. I then called my husband who also saw it. He went

outside to check and there was nothing.   My husband left the room and it

slowly moved over to the opposite window pane then I took the photo on my

phone. I even moved the cat ornaments and it wasn't a shadow from them.

    Submitted by: Katie Stone - mailto:katiestone78@me.com  

ghost spirit in the window    Photo taken after it moved to this second window pane.

shadow ghost in window moving slowly    Cropped and enhanced to display it's ghostly attributes.
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Posted: July 2015
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