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Anneka writes, I live in Cambridge, England. This photo was taken a few weeks ago on my iPhone 4 in HD, no flash! I took this picture of my cat Eric as he was sleeping funny, when I viewed it I noticed the black figure standing in the hallway! It is not part of the banister or an item of clothing I can confirm. My home is over 100 years old the place is defiantly haunted but I'm unsure of how many visitors? The 2 years I've lived here I've had so much happen, orbs on video, voices, footsteps, banging at night, letter box & doorbell going off on own, lights turning off, items have been moved on a few occasions! I even have a black dog that sometimes visits, it'll get on my bed you can see the marks on the duvet. For some reason my cat hasn't really been bothered! He'll give the odd Stop and Stare at nothing, maybe it's because he's only 1 and thinks nothing of it as you can see in the picture. However things happening recently have made me feel uneasy and Eric on a few occasions has gone weird and restless, I've had to put him out! I'm used to the above but recently I've had a sudden stench of sulphur/ bad breath right next to me with a freezing cold patch also, when I'm dosing off it'll whack the bed so I wake or it'll grunt...  totally not what I'm used to! I will upload some videos when my computer is fixed... Hope to hear from you soon, Many thanks Anneka

  Funny cat photo with ghost image in the background
  GhostStudy Comments:
  Not sure what Anneka means by the black figure in the hallway. But even the small dark figure isn't really black. I see two  figures and not exactly sure if the one or both figures aren't real persons. I'll find Anneka's email and try writing for more info. But overall, I find it fascinating to consider the possibilities.

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