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This is an article written by a Ghoststudy team member

A team member of Ghoststudy (Jackie) was asked to do an interview concerning her thoughts about the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA. Below you will find the submitted questions from Laura and Jackie's answers.

1. When you went to the mystery house did you see or feel anything paranormal? Explain?
Answer: I have been to the Winchester Mystery House on several occasions.  I haven't seen anything so far, but every time I go, I do "feel" that there is something in the house.  It definitely has an energy about it that I can feel whenever I'm there.  I have also captured quite a few anomalies on 35mm film.  Mostly orbs, but there was one very interesting photo that I got that Jim posted to Ghoststudy.  I'll include the link here:  I'm referring to the top photo, but the mirror was interesting too.  :)

2. Would you ever stay a night alone in the house? Why or why not?
Answer: A night in the Winchester House would be a dream come true for me!  The ghosts there are not malicious, they are just dedicated to Sarah Winchester, and want to continue to care for her home.  I think a night there would be a great opportunity to try to capture EVP, better photos or video when the house is quiet.

3. Do you consider the house elegant? Explain?
Answer:  Oh, yes, the home is one of the most elegant that I have ever had the priviledge to see.  Sarah imported many exotic woods from other countries...there is wallpaper imported from China, and the detail that went into designing the home is absolutely beautiful.  Stained glass windows are a common theme throughout the house. 

4. Do you think there really was spirits out to get the Winchester family? Explain your reasoning?
Answer: I really can't say if there were truly spirits out to get the Winchester Family.  I tend to think that it was more guilt that bothered Sarah, especially after a psychic told her about the ghosts.  Sometimes I wonder if the psychic played on Sarah's fears.  I do know that when I go to the Winchester House, I do not "feel" anything malicious there at all.  And as far as I know from speaking to employees, whenever they have a ghostly experience there, it is never a bad one.  Usually it's limited to sightings.  The most common ghost there is a man, who everyone thinks may have been a foreman for the construction crew.  Sarah has also been seen, but she is very rare.  I only know of 2 cases where Sarah was seen.

5. What are your own opinions of Sarah Winchester?
Answer: The impressions that I get of Sarah when I visit the house is that she is still reclusive, but not dangerous.  She's shy, and the feeling from her is that she doesn't really care to have all these folks tramping through her home everyday, but she understands that times have changed, time has moved on, and so she tolerates the visitors.  She is grateful that her home is being taken care of, and seems to like the idea that her home will quite possibly stand forever, to continue appeasing the ghosts of the victims of Winchester firearms.

Here you go, Laura.  It was a pleasure assisting you in your project!  

Written by: Jackie (Ghoststudy team member)

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