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The question often comes up on the board, can babies and children see angels, spirits and ghosts?  The answer is yes, they can.

We have all seen a baby sitting in a pumpkin seat or laying in their crib cooing and smiling and their eyes seem to be fixed a little above them, like they are looking at "something".

When a child comes into this world they are what we term "close to the grave".  This term means that they have just come over from the Other Side.  Before they entered the Earth realm and incarnated into this lifetime they were "in spirit" on the Other Side waiting to be born.  This means that they may have been there with passed over loved ones before they came here.

It is not unusual for these loved ones to step in from the Other Side and visit with these wee ones.  And often their guardian angels will interact with them as well.

Children are born with their third eye wide open.  This is the chakra point in the middle of the forehead.  This is the chakra (an energy point on the body) which enables one to be open to spirit communication, and the ability to see spirits and talk with them.

Babies and small children have not been exposed to the negative reality that most people have regarding ghosts.  Most people, not all, like the great folks at Ghoststudy, doubt that ghosts exist and think it is just a bunch of hooey.  These young ones are still innocent and not influenced by society and its' attitude toward ghost and the spirit world.

Some small children even have "imaginary friends" they talk with and play with.  Grownups tend to just shrug their shoulders and think that the child just has an overactive imagination, when in reality, it is most likely that these children are actually interacting with someone in spirit.

As the child grows, they are exposed to the negative responses like there are no such things as ghosts, we cannot communicate with those who have passed over, and to even entertain such an idea is unacceptable behavior.  Not wanting to seem odd or go against what others are saying, the child then begins to shut down and convince themselves that what they are seeing or hearing cannot possibly be reality and they gradually lose their ability to "see" and "hear".

As a child, I watched Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons every Saturday morning.  Since I have seen spirits my entire life, since I was about two, I could not understand that hysterical response poor Casper got when trying to make friends.  Whenever he would materialize in front of some character their eyes would bug out and they would run away screaming.  This was a direct influence about what the general population's response would be when encountering a ghost.  This cartoon taught children that ghosts were bad and that we should run away screaming if we ever did encounter one.  I used to feel so sorry for Casper that I would talk to him while sitting there watching television, telling him he could come to my house.  Such was the heart of an innocent young girl that could see spirits and had compassion for them.  I always thought he would make such a fun little friend.  It's funny that I believed in the ghost part and even more that I thought he was a "real" gho st as I could not tell animated cartoon characters from real people at the time.

Fortunately, some children retain this gift of being able to see and communicate with spirit no matter what they are told.  They believe in their hearts that what they are experiencing is real and cannot be swayed to think differently.

If your child claims to be seeing ghosts then try to have an open mind and an open heart.  Question them gently.  Ask them what they are seeing and whom they may be communicating with.  Parents are often too quick to make judgment calls and will doubt their child without giving them the benefit of the doubt. Just because some people cannot see them or hear them does not mean that others cannot, and that ghosts do not exist.

Some children can give an exact description of whom they are seeing and it will perfectly match up with a loved one.  Some children even call their spirit by name, and it turns out there was a real person by that name that crossed over.  I am not saying that children only see family members.  They may live in a house occupied by spirit and they are able to see or hear and communicate with that spirit.

Never discourage a child with a gift.  If they showed musical ability in being able to play the piano most parents would buy them a piano.  If they showed artistic talent they are given crayons and finger paints and encouraged to draw to bring out their nature abilities.  Never deny a  child's spiritual gift.  You may be raising the next John Edward.

Signed, Psychic Jill   

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