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December 27, 2003



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Krypt Kiddies - Children of the Night!

Recently, I had the pleasure of discovering a new kind of art genre in the customizing hobby.  Doll reworking…but with a darker twist.  Think horns and pointed teeth.  Cat’s eyes and sharp nails.  Definitely not Holly Hobby or Barbie! 

Welcome to the world of Ed and Rita Uhl. They are the founders and owners of “Krypt Kiddies”, custom made “baby” and “kid” dolls with the emphasis being on “Krypt”.  They recently accepted our request for an interview. Below are the responses to 13 specific questions that we asked of them. Did I say 13? :)

GS: How did you become interested in doll remaking? 
I used to collect dolls.  I started making "reborns".  This is taking an already existing doll, and turning it into a real looking baby.  One day Ed told me that he thought he could do this, and I said, "Why should you?  You are a horror artist?  Why don't you make a Rosemary's Baby type doll, and see what happens?"  He did.  We put it on eBay, and they just took off. 

GS: What made you decide to design Gothic/horror dolls?  What motivates you?
  I figured since Ed was a horror and fantasy artist already, (I had been a portrait artist), he might as well stick to what he was good at.  We are both really into the horror genre, and love how the babies turn out.  They even freaked me out a little at first, but I love 'em all, now.

GS: How long does it normally take to create one doll? 
   Approximately 3-6 hours, depending.....  

GS: Approximately how many dolls have you created?
   Probably around two hundred.

GS: Is there a message that you are trying to convey in your art?
Nothing special.  There is something about turning a plain doll into something unique, that is very cool.  The fact that they scare the crap out of some people amuses us.  To us they are just Kiddies with lots of personality.

GS: Is there a team that creates each doll, or is there only one artist?
  It is just Ed and I.  He has most of the ideas, and does most of the intricate artwork, sculpting, etc.   I think he is a genius.   I was good at the "real" looking babies (we used to call "angels"), but he is the demented, dark one......I also make some, and do some of the less scary ones.....lol

GS: Are there any more dolls coming up for sale in the near future?
  Always, and forever.  But we have some customs to do first, and we will be very busy trying to get a ton of dolls ready for a big convention.

GS: Where do you sell your dolls?  Are they available publicly?
  We sell on eBay, and on our site at www.kryptkiddies.com.  We also do conventions, where they have been well received.  You can look forward to seeing a line of our Krypt Kiddies in Spencer's Gifts in late April, or early May.  They will be a much less expensive line of collectible Krypt Kiddies.  We believe everyone should own one (or more), of course.

GS: On average, what is the cost of a doll?
The average cost of a hand made 17" baby is $125.00.  Unfortunately, due to the cost of the base doll rising, this will probably go up a bit. 

GS: Have you considered designing other less expensive creations that a wider audience might be able to afford?Rita:  See our line in Spencer's Gifts!

GS: Do you have a website that folks can visit?  Does it have a gallery of photos of your creations?
  Visit www.kryptkiddies.com to see a nice variety of our work.  Don't forget to visit the dungeon, but only if you are not easily offended.  We try to warn!!!

GS: Which doll was your favorite one to make?
I think my favorite doll had to be Adrian.  He was my first, and I guess there is always something about your firstborn.   He is the one in the bassinet. 

GS: What would you say to those who think that you’re promoting evil?
Rita and Ed:
   These people need to lighten up, and not take things so seriously.  Not everything in the world that is "off" is evil, or promoting it.  These dolls put a smile on many people's faces, and if you heard some of the thank yous we have received from customers, who are quite normal, I assure you, you would agree!

Ed and Rita’s work has also inspired other up and coming “gothic/horror doll” artists.  Truly this is the latest craze in doll collecting, and knowing how popular the horror genre is among fans, this certainly seems like it’s here to stay. 

Thank you again to Ed and Rita for graciously consenting to this interview!  You can view their babies at www.kryptkiddies.com.
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Written by Jim & Jackie - staff writers for Ghoststudy.com

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